Workshops & Trainings

5 December 2022Roundtable Discussion on “ Punjab Agricultural Development Models: Some Policy Concerns”
4 November 2022Guest lecture by the Chairman at CII Agro Tech Indian 2022(Agriculture Infrastructure Scheme)
4 November 2022Meeting regarding “Adoption of villages & CHC” with m/s Corteva India
19 October 2022Meeting regarding Crop Residue Management (CRM) in Punjab with TNC and Syngenta Foundation
11 October 2022Meeting regarding Carbon Credit in Punjab’s Agriculture
29 August 2022Discussion regarding Millets Cultivation in Punjab with KVM, Jaito
22 August 2022State Level Pear Mela at KVK Booh, Taran Tarn (1000 Farmers)
10 August 2022Meeting regarding “Progressive Farmers & Expert Meet on Diversification with Horticulture crops”
21 June 2022Field event on Silage – Food and Fodder at Kot Shameer, District Bathinda (250 Farmers )
19 May 2022Online event on DSR/ASR technology for paddy cultivation in Punjab
24 February 2022Meeting regarding “Packed Silage-Next Game Changer in Dairy Farming”
08 February 2022Meeting “Way Forward in Horticulture Sector”
01 February 2022Dairy Farmers and Experts Meet
26th June 2020Discussion on the Farm Laws
18th February 2020Workshop on Bio-Control Management Opportunities and Challenges in Punjab
11th February 2020Workshop on Commodity Derivatives- An introduction
18th December 2019Workshop on Policy, Extension, Research, Farmer and Manufacturer Interface
5th  November 2019Roundtable on Reduced Consumption of Nitrogenous Fertilizers in Indian Agriculture: Tools, Techniques, Strategies, and Policies
15th -17th Dec. 201813th PDFA International Dairy & Agri. Expo, 2018
2-3rd February, 2019International Dialogue on “Himalayan Ecology with focus on Climate Change and Agriculture in Himalayas”
15-16 June 2018International Dialogue “Measuring the Economics of Food and Agricultural Ecosystems
2nd May 2018Brainstorming on “Enhancing Livelihood & Profitability of Small & Landless’ through Goat & Pig Farming”
22nd April 2018Conference on Farm Diversification
16th May, 2018Conference on “Crop Insurance Experience of Haryana and Relevance to Punjab”
17th October 2018Workshop on “Farmer Producer Organizations– Opportunities and Challenges In Punjab”
17th July, 2018Workshop on “Scope and Prospectus of Organic Farming”
11th April, 2018Workshop on Trade Rules and Agriculture

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